Destructive flooding hit Venice, Italy on November 12, when the second highest water level on record–1.87 meters (6.2 feet)–inundated over 80% of the historic city at 10:50 pm local time. A new storm on Friday, November 15, brought the seventh highest water level on record to Venice: 1.54 meters (5.1 feet), and another strong storm on Sunday, November 17, brought the ninth highest water level on record: 1.50 meters (4.9’). The main cause of Venice’s flood was the counter-clockwise flow of air around a strong low-pressure system centered off the southwest coast of Italy. The low brought strong winds in excess of 30 knots (34.5 mph) that blew from south to north, nearly parallel to the axis of the Adriatic Sea. The winds forced a large storm surge into Venice, which lies at the north end of the Adriatic. November 12 was also the date of the full moon, which brought some of the highest tides of the year. #venice #myview #mycity #doppiofondo #soon #silkscreen #supportlocalartist #costanzagianquinto 



Through the combination of different and alien materials, blind assembly and analogical manipulation of the supplied materials, we will produce A3 posters printed in Risograph.

Unpredictability and error will be fundamental elements for the success of the workshop that wants to be a moment of kaleidoscopic visual experimentation, made of attempts, stratifications and formal suggestions, far from digital editors.

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