In - imago 

Costanza Gianquinto presents In imago, an endeavour born from mistakes, remnants, trials on analogue negatives only half-printed. Relics of images that emerge from offcuts of dark room shutter speed studies chosen among fragments of what is considered "wrong". Based on extreme incoherence, calculation mistakes and forgetfulness shine in the results, changing subjects and atmospheres. 

Photography then loses its shape and finds new ones, sudden, nonsensical, sometimes obsessive, quite often borderline. The research of senses in the absence of sense, the construction of meanings in the emptiness of objective responses, the echo of a recollection in the impossibility of memory. In imago does not tell any stories. It shows the potential of seeing through a fragmented viewpoint, turning into hallucination what has actually existed. All this finds its own existential aesthetics in the work of Costanza Gianquinto, just one time, this one, maybe. 

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